Have you ever thought no matter how good your children are in the current generation, they will not be able to compete in the future society?

Global stocks of robots have more than doubled since 2010, with 20% of the global stocks being located in China. With the current trajectory, China could have more than 14 million robots in operation by 2030 according to various economists.

Throughout history, innovative technology has replaced tasks that were originally done by humans. During the industrial revolution in the 18th Century, the advent of steam engines and electricity lead to the replacement of laborious tasks such as carriage driving and farming with trains and tractors.

With artificial intelligence (AI) standing in the doorstep, who will be next out of the door? Sales managers? Drivers? Doctors even? Instead of being manipulated by robots, it is better to learn how to manipulate robots themselves!

Here at STEMex Learning Centre, we offer a variety courses that can help ensure your child will be able to better integrate themselves into future society. This can be done by learning to code through our coding courses or building and programming robots in our robotics courses. So, come on down to STEMex and prepare for the future!


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