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Fun Coding Course –

Scratch 3 from basic to advance


Welcome to our brand new version of the Fun Coding Course 2022, one of the greatest learning points for kids by STEMex Ltd . 

This course might suit you if you are looking for coding courses used in your teaching environment or simply search a learning platform for your students. It includes a step-by-step guides to learn with challenging activities, quiz and flash cards that help bring the learning activities more fun and easy to understand.

You can use it as an extra-curricular activities (ECA) or a supplementary resources that integrate with your coding class.

Who is eligible?

This course is designed for kids with zero coding experience and zero coding background. We will guide your kids’  learning how to code step-by-step from scratch.

This is the only course you need for the beginning level. We hope all the kids will enjoy this learning journey.


Video Learning - Smart City

STEMex Video Learning –



STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. We aimed to develop kids’ sense of the STEM world. In this course, you will learn about different experiments, life hacks of science tricks, and small science projects.

Course Available:

Lift off, Hydro Turbine, Boomerang Can, Spinner, Popper, Wind Turbine, Buzzer, Electric Magnet, Power Tower Challenge, Balancing Toys, Motor Dancer and more.

Lift off

  • Identify different components of a rocket and the functionality of their real-world counterparts.
  • Test and analyze how different propellants affect flight duration.
  • Understand the concept of pressure.
  • Understand and apply the expansion properties of a gas.

Hydro turbine

  • Construct a functional hydro turbine.
  • Demonstrate the power of gravity by using falling water to turn a turbine.
  • Explore how water can be used to produce rotary motion.
  • Calculate surface area.
  • Apply the ideas of surface area to design the most efficient turbine blades.

Boomerang can

  • Discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation.
  • Understand that a Boomerang Can toy uses kinetic and potential energy.


  • Discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation.
  • Understand that a spinning object uses momentum, which keeps it moving.


  • Discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation. 
  • Identify familiar toys that are examples of mechanical engineers’ work.
  • Understand that the greater the force upon an object, the greater the change in motion.

Wind turbine

  • Explore ways to convert wind energy into another form of usable energy.
  • Build an efficient windmill model.
  • Investigate the process behind the generation of electricity


  • Discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation.
  • Understand that a vibration is a very quick back-and-forth motion

  • Demonstrate that vibration can sometimes cause a buzzing noise

Electric Magnet

  • Understand that electric current creates a magnetic field.
  • Explore how an electromagnet is made.
  • Investigate ways to change the strength of an electromagnet.
  • Understand several items that engineers have designed using electromagnets.

Paper Tower Challenge

  • Learn about strengths of materials and how they can be used to their advantage.
  • Understand the importance of incorporating balance into their designs.
  • Realize that various materials can change a design’s strength properties.

Balancing Toys

  • Recall the idea of centre of gravity
  • Test and redesign to make the toy in balance.
  • Design and make their own balancing toy.

Motor Dancer

  • Recall the three basic materials to make a simple motor (batteries, magnet and coil)
  • Describe the energy changes in a motor
  • Make a simple motor

Candy Catapult

  • Demonstrate the difference between an accurate launch and a precise launch.
  • Graph the results of their catapult launches, which allows students to take real world results and convert them into viewable data.
  • Compare the weight of a projectile and its trajectory.

    Static Electricity Butterfly

    • Experience static electricity
    • Make a flying butterfly / dragonfly
    • Tell how static electricity affects thing / attracts small, light things / remove ash in power station

      Rubberband Racer

      • Construct a car that uses rubber bands to store energy and provide power to the vehicle
      • Modify their vehicle to stop at a specific point regardless of the amount of energy stored
      • Gather data to analyze and guide design improvements

        Just like Jacques

        • Explore the concept of buoyancy
        • Understand that marine engineers design various tools to help us explore the ocean
        • Apply previous knowledge of material properties to create a Cartesian diver

          Archimedes’ Screw

          • Construct a Archimedes Screw and learn its’ function
          • Use advanced building and material managing abilities in building an Archimedes screw device
          • Predict and test different elements of the mechanical processes of the ability of the screw to move water through the tubing

            Swing Scoop Score

            • Investigate the relationship between swing and the physical concepts (motion and centripetal force).
            • Develop better eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills

            Tumbling Toy

            • Make a tumbling toy and construct a functional marble maze machine
            • Tell the action of the force of gravity
            • Describe the motion of the heavy marble inside and how the toy move

              Marble Run

              • Understand the relationship between slope and speed.
              • Design the races with their problem-solving skills
              • Investigate the frictional resistance between smooth and rough surfaces

              Lunar Lander

              • Understand how potential and kinetic energy relates to the motion of objects.
              • Investigate weight distribution and how it can affect the landing of an aircraft
              • Design and build the most efficient design using limited materials

                Art Bot

                • Understand the process of how kinetic energy can be transferred between different objects
                • Explore the reaction force
                • Discuss the relationship of center of gravity and movement


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