STEM Learning Products

We are excited to launch new STEM learning products this Christmas for your children to enjoy and increase their learning of STEM. Scroll below to see our new products along with the descriptions.

Twin Science Robotic Art Kit (For Age 8+)

An introductory STEM learning kit that includes all the essentials for children to explore the fundamentals of art, science, and robotic technologies. Children can be given a head start to design and create an infinite number of projects easily.

$490.00 $434.00 Including GST

10 in stock

Twin Science Coding Kit (for age 8+)

Computer programming for kids made easy, The STEM learning kit includes all the essentials for children to grasp the fundamentals of coding and develop programming skills. Children can start to code and create infinite number of projects easily

$790.00 $699.00 Including GST

10 in stock

FReNeTiC (for age 8+)

FReNeTiC is the multi-Award winning “Frenzied word game of the Elements’ where payers race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the Element Symbols of the Periodic Table

$230.00 $200.00 Including GST

9 in stock

Line US Drawing Robot (for age 8+)

Line-us is a portable drawing robot that is powered by a USB battery or power adapter. Let your children unleash their creativity with this robot and draw spectacular images. Line-us works with lots of different kinds of pens, pencils and brushes, up to a maximum diameter of 13mm.

$980.00 $848.00 Including GST

5 in stock

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