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STEM Education cooperate and design a range of activities with schools, including integrating STEM in classroom teaching (turning them into a STEM school), delivering lessons through STEM week, and carrying out Extra Curriculum Activities (ECA). We provide assistants to both kindergarten and primary schools in HK.

Everyone agrees that STEM in School should be introduced long before students choose their subject in tertiary education. We believed that exploring STEM in early education will enable us to plant the seed for a fruitful tree in the kids’ future development.

From our previous experiences, students respond well in the diversified experiments, they enjoyed taking part in the lesson by designing and producing their own products. They are willing to take risks, subject their work to test, and redesign to seek improvement.

There is no quick fix to the challenge impose on implementing STEM in schools. Limited time resources, the depth of knowledge to impart, the details in execution, the equipment, and training required. For kindergartens, we will focus on introducing kids to the Engineering Design Process to foster their natural curiosity, increase their exposure to various fields of STEM. For primary schools, we will focus on aligning STEM workshops with the General Studies curriculum to produce sustainable education. 

Thus, we will be able to tailor-make and provide different models to kindergarten and primary schools. 

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