STEM Learning – Robotic Art Kit

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Age Group: 6- 9

An introductory STEM learning kit that includes all the essentials for children to explore the fundamentals of art, science and robotic technologies. Children can give a head start to design and create infinite number of projects easily.

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What is Inside the Robotic Art Kit?

Why Robotic Art Kit?


Everything a child needs to give a head start to coding is in the kit such as modules like servo motor, ultrasonic sensor, arduino module, jumper cables, buzzer, usb data cable. Free mobile app is also available for download for easy guidance.


In addition to the sample projects we provide, children will be encouraged to develop and design their own unique projects to provide solutions to global problems.


Using the manuel, children can start building, playing and coding as fast as possible. The modules are produced to be LEGO compatible so that it can be easily designed and played.

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