Coding Minecraft Intermediate B

$1,650.00 90 minutes Including GST

Spartan School: Build an infinite mob arena game, to fight alone or with friends! Oh, and did we mention you’ll be fighting blazes whilst you do it? Want to be the greatest Minecraft Spartan warrior of all time? Learn programming basics while creating wave after wave of mobs to fight in a Spartan training arena. Learn programming basics such as loops, methods and variables to create this mob fighting mini-game. Battle increasingly harder waves of enemies that multiply every round.

Age: Apprentice (Age 7-14)

Each course on Tuesday lasts 90 minutes every week for 4 weeks

Each course on Saturday lasts 90 minutes every week for 4 weeks

Remark: All Coding Minecraft courses do NOT include the Minecraft Java Edition license. For details, you can contact us.

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