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Java & Minecraft

Creative Minecraft [Non-Coding]

Minecraft Redstones / Theme Park / Urban Innovations

Minecraft 編程班 — 初階

Coding Minecraft 初階

Learn to use the Code Editor and the very basics of Java coding constructs through the creation of two different mods, Sheep City and High Noon Saloon. By the end, students should have learnt about methods, variables and how they are created and used in coding.

Minecraft 編程班 — 中階

Coding Minecraft 中階 A-E

Create more mods such as Egg Wars and Blocky Races to delve deeper into the world of Java coding. Throughout this level, students will learn more about the different coding constructs of Java, such as loops and conditional statements, and practise using them in different situations.

Minecraft 編程班 — 進階

Coding Minecraft 進階 A & B

Learn to create more advanced mods in Minecraft through the use of more advanced methods, variables and for loops. Throughout this course, students will learn to apply what they have learnt so far to create a scoring system, as well as continuing to practise the use of different Java constructs.

Minecraft 編程班 — 大師班

Coding Minecraft 大師 A & B

Use all the accumulated knowledge gained in the previous courses to create mods by typing the entire thing out by yourself. Revisit all the concepts to experience what it is actually like to be a professional game developer using Java.

LUA & Roblox

Roblox 編程班 — 初階

Coding Roblox 初階

Start your journey into Lua coding by creating four simple games in Roblox that will teach you how to use the Code Editor as well as how to navigate and use Roblox Studio. By the end, students will have gained the basic knowledge of Lua coding, such as the use of functions and conditionals to aid them with more difficult programming in future courses.

Roblox 編程班 — 中階

Coding Roblox 中階 A-E

Create more games in Roblox to learn about how to structure code properly in Lua as well as creating a score system and randomising events using loops, which are all important features for any game.

Python & Cyber Virtual Robotics

CVR 虛擬數碼機械人 — 入門班

CVR 虛擬數碼機械人 — 入門班

Explore different worlds and terrains with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime. This course is ideal for kids with no experience in coding robots. Through the navigation of unique maps, kids will learn how to precisely instruct the robot through specific maneuvers as well as basic coding logic.

CVR 虛擬數碼機械人 — 初階

Cyber Virtual Robotics 初階 A & B

Want to experience virtual robotics but are scared it is too difficult? In this course you will learn all the basic topics of robotics to jumpstart your virtual robotic journey, starting from basic movement of the robot, to the use of different sensors.

CVR 虛擬數碼機械人 — 中階

Cyber Virtual Robotics 中階 A & B

Using Ruby’s excellent navigation tools, help Ruby explore different roads with more realistic physics. This course will encourage students to plan and find the most efficient route using different tools such as the colour sensor to help with precision manoeuvres of Ruby and more.

CVR 虛擬數碼機械人 — 大師班

Cyber Virtual Robotics 大師 A-D

This course suits students who have experienced the Intermediate level of cyber virtual robotics to pursue coding robots using Python. In this course, students will learn the basics of using Python to control Ruby to explore different terrains. They need to apply some science ideas and calculations to solve the problems to accomplish the tasks to be the Robot Pioneer!


3D打印 — 初階

3D Printing Intro


3D打印 — 中階

3D打印 中階 A & B



LEGO WeDo - Let's Get Moving

Let’s Get Moving

Learn about the basics of mechanical engineering all based around the idea of moving, and moving very quickly. In this course, students will build various models, such as ships and race cars, in order to learn about how motors and gears function.

LEGO WeDo - Wild Animals

Wild Animals

Learn about mechanical engineering based on the animal kingdom. In this course, students will build various models, such as lions and birds, in order to learn about how motors and gears function, as well as little facts about the animals themselves.

LEGO WeDo - Rescue Heroes

Rescue Heroes

Learn about mechanical engineering based on natural disasters. In this course, students will build various models, such as a helicopter, in order to learn about how motors and gears function, as well as how natural disasters can be prevented and how people can be rescued.


LEGO EV3 - Robotics 101

Robotics 101

In this course, students will build robots to accomplish a specific task while using their imagination to make their robot better than the basic robot. During the class students will discover the Engineering Design Process in a real world setting as they test their robots multiple times.

LEGO EV3 - Olympic


The Olympics curriculum is designed to introduce students to the world of not only building, but also programming basic robots. Throughout this course, the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized to engage in various challenges related to the Olympics.

LEGO EV3 - Missions to Mars

Missions to Mars

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of not only building, but also programming basic robots. Throughout this course the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized to explore a distant planet.

LEGO EV3 - Envirobots


In Rescue EnviroBots, students will design and programme robots to help accomplish environmentally friendly tasks. By creating robots that can transfer nuclear waste, mine raw minerals, and deliver food and goods more efficiently, they will be sure to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

LEGO EV3 - Ocean Missions

Ocean Missions

In the Ocean Missions curriculum, students will be introduced to the world of robotics in an interesting and engaging way. The goal is to teach students about the building and programming aspects of robotics as it relates to real-world issues in ocean exploration.

LEGO EV3 - Robot Surgeons

Robot Surgeons

The Robot Surgeons curriculum is designed to introduce students to the world of not only building, but also programming basic robots. Throughout this course, the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized in the medical field.

Micro:bit Gadgets

Micro:bit Introductory

Micro:bit Intro

The micro:bit is a small computer that is well suited for introducing how software and hardware work together to perform tasks. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors, and many input/output features that can be coded and physically interacted with.

Micro:bit Intermediate

Micro:bit Intermediate A-C

Use the Micro:bit to create simple games as well as using the radio function of the Micro:bit to communicate with other Micro:bits to create simple gadgets for use. This allows students to gain an insight into how gadgets are created and how they are able to communicate with one another.

Python Coding

Python Introductory

Python Intro A & B

This level lets your kids start to know more about Python. This course is suitable for students who have a little experience in coding. They will learn and understand the Python turtle library and graphics and be challenged to animate a clock and to control a spinner enhancing their creativity.

Python Intermediate

Python Intermediate A-D

At this level, students are going to have a more comprehensive understanding of the data structures in Python. They will advance their skills of using the Python compiler, then apply their understanding in data structure and the engineering design process to create games as challenges.

Python Advanced

Python Advanced A & B


Scratch Animation

Scratch Introductory

Scratch Intro A & B

Enjoy coding with interesting challenges that will foster students creativity and imagination. Students will learn to animate their favourite names, programme a rock and roll band and create their own unique story using Scratch.

Scratch Intermediate

Scratch Intermediate A-D

In the intermediate level, students will use the basics learnt in the introductory level to create more complex programmes in Scratch, such as different games, and more complex animations, as well as learn about different coding constructs, such as loops and conditional statements.

Smart City / Science Entertainment

Smart City: HK Build-Up

HK Build-Up

How is a city built nowadays? What will a city be like in the future? To learn more about these questions and civil engineering, students can take up our HK Build-Up course. In this course, students will build various structures using everyday items and learn how engineers solve issues using the Engineering Design Process.

Smart City: Chemical Exploration


In the Chemical Exploration course, students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine various mixtures and solutions with different chemical properties. They develop solutions to clean up an oil spill, synthesize their own rocket fuel, and investigate the secrets behind color pigmentation.

AI Coding / Machine Learning

AI Coding Introductory

AI Coding Intro A & B

Are you interested in learning about machine learning? Start off your journey into machine learning in this first beginner course where students will create machine learning models and create programs in Scratch to get a basic understanding of machine learning.

AI Coding Intermediate

AI Coding Intermediate A-D

Students are going to teach machines how to solve problems by applying the machine learning model. They will build more models to extend their knowledge about recognizing coordinates, multiple images, searching information, etc., and will have a deeper understanding of confidence level and how to optimize the training model.

AI Coding Advanced

AI Coding Advanced A & B

In the advanced course, students are going to engage in quasi-real life problems and train machines to solve them. They are going to identify semaphores, research on classifying headlines from newspapers and teach machines how to play noughts and cross. These will be real challenges to foster students to have a deeper understanding of machine learning and the potential of AI for their future. Python will be used in some lessons.


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