Minecraft 編程 – 怎樣提升孩子


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June 18, 2019

為什麼Minecraft那麼受孩子歡迎?相信跟玩過Minecraft的孩子交談,都能感受到Minecraft 創造的世界 (world) 給孩子帶來的空間與樂趣真的不一樣。孩子在特設的 world 建設自已獨一無異的世界如主題樂園、太空基地、中世紀戰場等,採掘、建構、開發等等的活動讓孩子在他建立的世界裹自由發揮,在完成課堂的任務後,感覺到十足的滿足感,更與協作的友伴建立了不一樣的默挈。孩子這時候更希望可在特設的world裹編寫程式,作更加多的改變,讓他建設的世界更具創意,更加有趣,Minecraft 編碼課程便是讓學童在更具彈性的world裹改變不同的特徵,這些特別的world 如 雞蛋戰爭、綿羊城市或飢餓遊戲都什受歡迎。

Why kids love Minecraft so much? Taking to kids with Minecraft experience, you can easily find out that they enjoy very much in the world created by Minecraft. The fun and challenges that Minecraft given to kids is extraordinary. In our special designed Minecraft world like Theme Park, Space Station or Medieval Mayham, students will mine, create, explore different activities to make their world fun and full of excitement. Normally after the class, students will develop a close partnership with their partners and have a sense of achievement. To further move on, students will like to have more control in their world by changing the parameter. That’s why Coding Minecraft become the next level of Minecraft for kids. In this special design world for example Eggs War, Sheep City or Hungry Game, they can change different parameters using advanced coding techniques. The world that they are going to create will be more fun and creative that you can’t imagine.

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