Kids Used Minecraft to Build An Amusement Park

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June 5, 2019

最新推出2019假期日營Minecraft主題樂園融合各種不同的STEM知識於Minecraft課程,透過在Minecraft 世界建立主題樂園,孩子利用土木工程、機械工程、電機工程及Engineering Design Process (EDP) 等基礎知識,設計模疑過山車等樂園內的設施。

學童首先設計樂園藍本,繪劃草圖,在Minecraft世界中建設,過程仿似真正建立樂園。在過程中,學員利用土木工程概念規劃行人通道,樂園整體結構讓訪客能遊覽樂園時不致迷路;也要運用機械工程概念使過山車能順利完成滑行及相關的motors 能支持整個操作;同時使用電機工程知識設計及建設控制系統,好讓樂園能有足夠能量支撑過山車及其他設施的運作。

假期營給孩子耳目一新的感覺,在建設自已Minecraft 世界中享受刺激及滿足感。

One of the highlights of in our Minecraft Summer Camp 2019 is Minecraft Theme Park. This camp will have students build their own Minecraft amusement parks! Students will have to navigate a number of engineering and teamwork challenges to do so. Students will draft blueprints and plans for their parks on paper before beginning to create it in Minecraft to make it as much like the process of designing a real amusement park as possible.

Some examples of engineering in action at an amusement park are:

  1. Concepts from Civil Engineering are used to plan out walkways and the layout of the park to ensure that guests are able to navigate park without getting lost.
  2. Concepts from Mechanical Engineering are used in the design of roller coasters and other attractions to ensure that roller coasters are able to complete full circuits without getting stuck and that the motors used to drive these rides will be strong enough and operate for as long as possible before having to be replaced.
  3. Concepts from Electrical Engineering are used to design and create the control systems that run roller coaster and attractions as well as the powerlines that would be needed to power everything in the park

It will be an amusing experiences for kids joining this camp!

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