Written by Cheetij Gurung

March 25, 2021

Interested in learning Java? Why not take our Coding Minecraft course and start your journey into Java coding!

But you may wondering, what Java is? Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP)language released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It has since grown to be used to run a variety of applications, such as games, social media appliances, audio and video appliances, etc.

But why should your child learn Java? Here are some reasons why I think it would be beneficial for your child to learn Java:

  • Java is one of the most commonly used programming language in the world thanks to its many real-world applications.
  • As an OOP, Java allows students to attain mastery of logics, which is extremely helpful for learning other programming languages (such as C or C++).
  • Prepares students for further education in the field, such as computer sciences, as it is a good precursor language to learn.
  • Help prepare for well-paying developer jobs as Java powers many different applications.

Here at STEMex Learning Centre, we offer a fun way for children to learn Java through Minecraft. The main version of Minecraft is run using Java so, many different modifications (mods) can be made to the game through Java. Here at our centre, our team of instructors will go through the different levels of courses we offer for Coding Minecraft with your child. Through the creation of fun mods in Minecraft, your child will learn:

  • All the fundamentals of the Java.
  • Various logics and operators.
  • Real-world applications of Java.

So why not come down to our centre to start your child’s journey into Java coding!

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