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August 2, 2018

23 November 2017

HK DesignInspire exhibition

Under the theme URBAN-INNOVATION, we have prepared two free STEM workshop at the conference area on Dec 9th in HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. The two workshops namely “Sweet Skyscraper 創「意」高樓 ” and “Wind Turbine 乘「風」展能” are specially prepared for children age 6-14 to build a smart ecocity integrating STEM elements. ​​The first batch of students will use sweet and spaghetti to make their own high sweet skyscrapers under test.

These young architects then create their smart city through merging individual skyscrapers into a colossal city. The second batch of students make wind turbines supplying electricity to the society. These effort will be magnified by the second team of young architects and engineers.
This four Smart Ecocity sessions will be run from 1:45pm to 6:30pm on Dec 9th. Interested parents can register at HKTDC website (www.designinspire.com.hk) or at our site (https://www.stemex.org/designinspire). Each session can allow 20 students to participate. It’s open to public and all interested parties are welcome to join. Let’s jointly create a Smart Ecocity for Hong Kong future.

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