Electronic Game Design 電競之旅探索

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March 20, 2021

Microsoft KODU GAME LAB isn’t a game so much as a tool for making video games. Kodu provides players with the ability to design their own environments, create simple objectives (which could include racing, shooting, or adventuring), and alter a surprisingly wide variety of game parameters, such as the behavior of environmental objects and nonplayer characters.

In the summer camp Kodu Kart Racing, students race to the finish and create their own racing game in Kodu gaming environment. From terrain design to enemy selection, students are placed at the wheel and given full control to design their own video game while exploring the foundations of coding. Kick your creativity in gear with Kodu Kart Racing. When students tinkered enough and have something they think might be fun for others to try, they can share it with friends

Microsoft KODU GAME LAB 是很受學童歡迎的電子遊戲製作工具。Kodu 讓學員設計遊戲情境,創作簡單動作主題如賽車、射擊或歷險,更可更改不同的遊戲變數如不同物體的表現行為及參與者的性格。

在今個暑期推廣的「Kudo Car Racing 瘋狂賽車」課堂裹,學員競賽至終點,在Kudo的遊戲情境中設計自已獨特的賽事,由地形設計到敵人的選擇,學員擁有全權控制的能力及盡情探索,定下編碼的基石。齊來拓展Kudo賽車的創新創意吧!學員更可取回自已的遊戲制成品與同伴或家人分享。

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