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發挖孩子創意由 Design Extreme 開始

Let’s take a look at the innovations of today and apply them to create the designs of tomorrow as we explore ways to harness clean energy and house a growing human population. Summer Camp "Design Extreme" is one of the most popular STEM course in our centre. For those...

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從 LEGO到VEX 孩子學到了什麼

If you have known LEGO well, you will want more control and challenges. In the summer Camp "VEX IQ High Rise Challenges" learners will spend more time building and modifying simple machines with a goal of combining or automating them to complete a Chain Reaction...

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Electronic Game Design 電競之旅探索

Microsoft KODU GAME LAB isn't a game so much as a tool for making video games. Kodu provides players with the ability to design their own environments, create simple objectives (which could include racing, shooting, or adventuring), and alter a surprisingly wide...

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Minecraft 編程 – 怎樣提升孩子

為什麼Minecraft那麼受孩子歡迎?相信跟玩過Minecraft的孩子交談,都能感受到Minecraft 創造的世界 (world) 給孩子帶來的空間與樂趣真的不一樣。孩子在特設的 world 建設自已獨一無異的世界如主題樂園、太空基地、中世紀戰場等,採掘、建構、開發等等的活動讓孩子在他建立的世界裹自由發揮,在完成課堂的任務後,感覺到十足的滿足感,更與協作的友伴建立了不一樣的默挈。孩子這時候更希望可在特設的world裹編寫程式,作更加多的改變,讓他建設的世界更具創意,更加有趣,Minecraft...

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