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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Instead of teaching these areas separately, the curriculum is a interdisciplinary learning journey, to better equip learners for future challenges. The program is ideal for kids to forge their passion and become life long learners. 

We are Unmatched in science enrichment, our Engineering for Kids® program imported from USA, encourages student to explore the world around them and to further pursue their interest in science. Motivation is key for our targeted learners, and an enjoyable learning experience will be the perfect catalyst for them to realise their full potential.

The curriculum is based on three pillars: Robotics and Coding; Technology and Coding; Smart city & Energy. 


Meet Our Team


Billy Law

With over 20 years of working experience in global technology and telecommunication companies, Billy has developed strong international business minds and management skills. He is passionate about technology innovation and believes it will change the way we live, learn and work. On the other side, Billy also believes the importance of personal growth and development such as leadership, creativity and collaboration which are the fundamental for different kind of success. Billy has a master degree in Finance and two bachelor degrees in Engineering and Laws respectively. He is a father of 2 kids.

Jason Chung

Ex-principal of an aided secondary school and former Curriculum Development Council member of Education Bureau. Extensive connection among professional bodies in STEM education. Experience science panel for over 20 years. Dedicated to contribute to the STEM education among children and teenagers in the territory. Committed to train professionals of shared visions. Expert in designing and implementing STEM courses which enhance the curiosity of students, consolidate their knowledge in curriculumn, promote creativity and facilitate them to solve challenging problems.

Shirley Yuen

Shirley has strong passion and enthusiasm to create a better environment to nurture her children. She notices the rising importance of STEM programme and believes it is crucial for future education and society. Shirley studied Marketing and Strategy Planning in London. She is good at program design and arts. While she has spare time, she will design related games and play with her children. She also enjoys studying psychology and the behavioural change of children in different stages.

Tammy Law

With over 20 years professional experience working in International Technology firms together with her Mathematics and Technology academic background, Tammy has a strong passion to drive STEM International program to Hong Kong. Inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum received by her children, Tammy believes learning by exploration and motivation is critical for teenage personal development and future study. Her extensive science technology development knowledge and international exposure has successfully helped the company to go international and focus on STEM development.


Meet Our Proficient Instructors


Cheetij Gurung

Mohammad Naser

Naser is a BSocSc student majoring in Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. Naser is a fun and encouraging instructor who has over 2 years of teaching experience in STEM.

James Olano

James studies Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. He plans to major in Computer Science next year. He has also been accredited with the STEM.org Certification.
With his prior experience with SQL, C++, and Python coding, he excels in giving his students an in-depth knowledge of coding through his engaging and riveting lessons.

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