31 January 2018

February 7th 2018 will mark a new day for STEMex. We have our first Learning Centre opening on that day.
Creating a STEM Community is always our desire. In the past few months, we have demonstrated our Engineering For Kids curriculum to individual, parents, schools and community. All are very well received. Our curriculum that include Robotics & Coding, Technology & Coding, Smart City & Energy have been successfully addressed what STEM Innovation needs for our next generation. It’s time to create our STEM Community through a professional designed Learning Centre.
With the new STEM Learning Centre, we hope that we can further create a true STEM community among kids, parents, school, corporate and non-profit organisations. The substantial STEM learning packages that make available in the new centre will give the chance for our young kids to receive continuous STEM learning that covers all the necessary foundation of Innovation through our Engineering Design Process (EDP). As the foundation will cover Robotics, Technology, Coding, Smart City and Energy, they will gradually find their ultimate interests in which area of STEM they want to further focus when they enter into high school or university.
When kids are growing up with credential STEM Learning environment, a sense of belongings will create. Through our engaging STEM activities, our delivery teams will be able to observe the strength and weakness of the kids in attending STEM activities which will become our observation when we share with parents and teachers about the progress and improvement in  their STEM Innovation learning journey.
We strive for a long-term engagement with next generation on STEM through exploration, experiments and excellence. 
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