Are we ready for Smart City?

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August 2, 2018

27 October 2017

What’s a ‘smart’ city? There’s no one definition. For many city leaders — and especially the private sector —  the term has become a shorthand for technology that makes cities work better or more efficiently.
Smart cities are made up of smart people. You need them to build a vibrant community. You need them to build the well-educated labor force that today’s businesses covet. City leaders play a substantial role. A city’s policies and quality of life either motivate smart people to move in or push them away. And the quality of our education determines whether the next generation will be ready for tomorrow’s jobs. With our eyes on the future, here are our ideas to nurture our next generation of leaders.
Use games to help students see things in new ways. Children like games, of course, but just because something is fun doesn’t mean it can’t be educational too. Through our special course activities design, children will be inspired by some of the building smart cities technology and ideas. Activities like Natural Filtration, Green Boating, Wind Power Challenge are all well received workshops that allow children to think, discuss and action on go green and sustainable tasks.
Embrace new ideas to meet today’s demand. The world has changed dramatically within just the past few years and students need to be prepared with the skills needed to win not only today’s jobs, but tomorrow’s. Meeting that demand is challenging with an educational system that traditionally has been resistant to change. However complement your kids education journey with fun and inspiring STEM activities will not only motivate their learning but also give them “smart” ideas about “Smart” Cities.

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