24 May 2017
The Official Launch Ceremony of Engineering for Kids Hong Kong was held on March 16th 2017 afternoon in HKFYGB.  We are delighted to have  around forty guests from different education sectors joining this event. They included representatives from kindergarten, principals and teachers of primary and secondary schools and some parents too!
Mr Jason Chung, our director, introduced the Engineering for Kids program’s vision and course pedagogy to the guests.  Professor Yeung from EdUHK explained the rational behind the STEM education and his past effort in the University.  Guests raised questions in the forum.   It was indeed a great chance for different stalk holders to share ideas on STEM education in the territory.
“Any comment on HKU cutting Astrophysics and Mathematics program?” was raised by a floor guest.  I think that is a sad decision.
Hopefully through our effort more students would like to take up this inspiring program in the coming future!
‘All for STEM’ or ‘STEM for All’ was another question raised by a teacher in the interactive panel discussion. Though STEM is important for the diversification of our economy and helping youth to meet future challenges, I don’t thinks all for STEM should be the direction.  Needless to say we do not expect all students engage in STEM related career.  Also every child is unique and has his or her own faculty and potential.
What do you think?  Our vision to introduce STEM education to every child is amission not impossible, to plant seedsand let them grow.  In someway and in someday trees shelter all.

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