09 September 2017

Why STEM? Why Now? What are the benefits? These are the questions from general public we received.
Let’s consider how STEM effects what is closest and dearest to us—our children. STEM is their future—the technological age in which they live, their best career options, and their key to wise decisions. Eight out of ten most wanted employees world-wide were ones with degrees in the STEM fields: accounting, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information sciences and systems, computer engineering, civil engineering, and economics and finance.
To restore our city leadership and competitive position, we need to motivate our most promising students into the STEM fields. Science has been identified as the future priority, but science teachers can’t do it all on their own. Parents have to become more interested and knowledgeable. But research finds that less than 26% of parents have good understanding of Science and Technology.
Because STEM is so important for our children, we need to encourage the students currently in our educational systems, as well as future generations of students, to understand and embrace the technology that affects them every day of their lives. Students should be advised on the merits of taking as many math and science courses in middle and high school as possible. And these courses need to be taught by engaged and enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities. Making science and math courses fun and interesting will not only help students to learn, but might also plant the “seed of interest” that could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career.
To plant the seed, we offer an opportunity in October for parents and students to taste Engineering For Kids STEM courses in our North Point Centre for just one lesson rate. If they enjoy the fun and challenge and would like to continue the course, you simply need to pay the difference of the normal course rate. We can also discuss your kids performance in the STEM workshop in order to plan for your next kids activities. Check our October schedule now at our website.
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