7 April 2017
Last week, The National STEM Learning Centre in UK invites schools and colleges to participate an annually grant that address teachers continuous professional developments that
  • updating and improving teachers’ subject and pedagogical understanding
  • improving the competence and quality of leading, teaching or supporting STEM subjects
  • improving the understanding  of how to contextualise the curriculum with cutting-edge STEM knowledge, employability skills and STEM-related careers information
​While most of the STEM learning achievement focus is on students’ learning outcomes, this award expresses the appreciation to STEM teachers’ effort in leading and teaching our next generation.
In order to keep abreast of the world trend in promoting STEM, the Education Bureau starts offering one-off grant to Primary and Secondary schools in Hong Kong. However under our current curriculum constraints, students motivation in learning STEM is not desirable. Grants support like the UK National STEM Learning Centre definitely will help building up the STEM learning culture through empowering the facilitator.
As a community STEM education provider, we support teachers with STEM course tasting, professional discussion and sharing our solid experience.  We provide Engineering For Kids 400+ hours of curriculum for age 4 to 14. In our next Tasting Session in our Teacher Resource Centre, we invite teachers to browse our curriculum manual and let teachers to experience the thrill of STEM.  Let us work together contributing to the Hong Kong STEM education.


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