Let’s take a look at the innovations of today and apply them to create the designs of tomorrow as we explore ways to harness clean energy and house a growing human population. Summer Camp “Design Extreme” is one of the most popular STEM course in our centre. For those who have Robotics or Technology Coding STEM experience, you will find “Design Extreme”, a Smart City & Energy course very different. More hands-on, a very different STEM knowledge and testing attitudes that allow learners to explore another kind of innovation experience. If you are new to STEM, starting from “Design Extreme” will give you a more prominent learning journey experience. You will have a higher motivation to continue STEM and want to use the experience to test more.

讓今日的創意帶動明天的設計,更使創新開啓解決未來潔淨能源、人口增加帶來的房屋問題等。暑期日營「設計極限」過往甚受歡迎, 參加者感受到與機械人編碼或科技編碼的課程體驗。更多的探索、互動及測試,使用智慧城市及能源的STEM知識,培育學員另一角度的創意思維。假如你是初次學習STEM,這個課程帶給孩子一次突出的學習體驗,令學習動機加強及希望增加學習時間,好讓自已多發揮。

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