If you have known LEGO well, you will want more control and challenges. In the summer Camp “VEX IQ High Rise Challenges” learners will spend more time building and modifying simple machines with a goal of combining or automating them to complete a Chain Reaction Challenge. With that foundation, they will move on to build a basic robot that functions in teleoperated mode (remote control) and add original object manipulator assemblies to participate in a team-based competitive challenge e.g. Robot Soccer.

對LEGO EV3 認識的朋友都希望可有更複雜的挑戰,更多的手動及控制, 讓解難的技巧向更高的層次進發,那麼VEX可滿足這類較成熟學童的求知慾。在今個暑期推廣的「VEX IQ 高峰大比拼」,學員將使用更多時間建造及改良簡單的機械,務求能達到情境中的目標及讓機械人自動完成多種特設的挑戰。在這個基礎上,學員再學習如何建立遙控裝置及進行團體競賽。

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