2021 E-Learning Program

We offer both offline and online lessons on selective course throughout 2021

Special Home-stay program

Selective courses are available online, delivered straight to your home

Learning STEM education through innovative and engaging experiments

Ex for Exploration, Experience, Excellence

We aim to foster kids’ natural curiosity and interest in these areas. Our comprehensive curriculum designed to cultivate their creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skill in addition to enhance communication and collaboration ability. We work together preparing kids for the ever changing world.



Provided by Engineering for Kids ® from the USA, we offer three levels to challenge students regardless of their ability, helping them to better their stem eduction.


We deliver in small groups, by trained instructors use inquiry-based approach to facilitate kids to enjoy their lessons.


We encourage students to articulate their ideas. By undertaking active examination and evaluation, we establish their confidence to be a risk- taking innovators.

Our most popular coding classes include Minecraft and Roblox gaming platfom, across a wide range of levels 

Other platforms are available for different applications of coding, including: 3D printing, LEGO® robotics, and twin coding


Three learning pillars forming a holistic approach to build a strong foundation for STEM education.

Robotics and Coding

Real life issues will bring forward to the students, they will have to assemble and program their LEGO robots to develop their own innovative solution problems. 

Lego Robotics Mindstorm

Cyber Virtual Robotics

Twin Robots

Twin Coding

Block and drag coding on Vex

WeDo Robotics

WeDo Helicopter

Crafting a bridge out of recycling

Introduction to 3D printing

Experimenting with catapult

Minecraft Tinkercard for 3D printing

Candy Bridge experiment

3D printing components

Smart City and Energy


What challenges will future cities face? How can technology solve these problems and improve the situation?

Students explore and work out their own solution base on principles and creativity.  Inspire their future sustainable city together.

Technology and Coding


A variety of coding softwares will be employed for students with different competency to nurture and improve their logical and critical thinking skills.

Softwares include: Scratch, Makey Makey, Minecraft, Clickteam Fusion, Roblox, Micro:Bits 

Using CodeKingdom on Minecraft

Minecraft Redstone

Online Interactive Minecraft Coding

Roblox Games

Micro:bits display coding

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