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We provide online and offline STEM courses for kids and schools.

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We provide creative Minecraft, coding Minecraft, coding Roblox, cyber virtual Robotics, 3D printing, Python, AI coding, Scratch, Smart City courses with fixed schedule for kids.

School Program (ECA)

We continuously work together with different schools, organisations and institutes to arrange a variety of activities to create a STEM community. Our service also extends to volunteering organisation and university clubs to foster innovation in the coming generations.

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Location: Unit 501, 5/F Austin Tower, 152 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: +852 3462 2018 
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Regular Workshop

We offer both online and offline classes

School Program

We provide educational services for school and organization!

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Provided by Engineering for Kids ® from the USA, we offer three levels to challenge students regardless of their ability, helping them to better their stem eduction.

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We deliver in small groups, by trained instructors use inquiry-based approach to facilitate kids to enjoy their lessons.

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We encourage students to articulate their ideas. By undertaking active examination and evaluation, we establish their confidence to be a risk- taking innovators.

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Our Mission 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Instead of teaching these areas separately, the curriculum is a interdisciplinary learning journey, to better equip learners for future challenges. The program is ideal for kids to forge their passion and become life long learners. 

We are Unmatched in science enrichment, our Engineering for Kids® program imported from USA, encourages student to explore the world around them and to further pursue their interest in science. Motivation is key for our targeted learners, and an enjoyable learning experience will be the perfect catalyst for them to realise their full potential.

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STEM(科學、科技、工程及數學)教學雖然系呢幾年討論度高左,但唔少家長仍然只會將呢種教學當成係興趣班咁上。我地必須承認,STEM教學系目前既社會環境下仍未好受重視,而原因可能係因為STEM教學較難睇到實質成效。相比起其他活動,例如各項運動、琴棋書畫、唔同既語文課程,STEM顯然係較為遜色。 有數據顯示,近年政府及學界雖然積極推行STEM教育,仍有近3成人表示曾經聽過但對STEM內容陌生,另外近1成表示連咩係STEM都唔知。最終就導致STEM系香港淪為「雷聲大,雨點小」既「興趣班」。...

魷魚遊戲 – 你有冇諗過可以用遊戲呈現出黎?

大家系萬聖節應該見到唔少人著住紅衫,戴起一個好奇怪既面具。系呢個資訊發達既社會。相信都好難有人唔知佢地係扮緊咩。冇錯!就係最近系全球爆紅既韓劇「魷魚遊戲」,以韓國既小遊戲去對人性做出一次又一次既考驗,故事主軸就係不斷生存,不惜一切成為最後倖存既一個。 而咁吸引既故事情節,你有冇諗過故事既遊戲可以系現實以遊戲平台寫出黎? 最近,遊戲界都掀起左一陣「魷魚遊戲」既風潮,今日提到既遊戲正正就係...

STEM係啲咩? 點解會得到政府大力推動?

STEM,其實係4個唔同範疇組合而成。”S”係代表科學(Science), “T”係代表科技(Technology) ,“E” 係代表工程(Engineering),而最後“M”係代表數學(Mathematics)。而STEM教育正正就係將4種唔同性質既科目融合而成。冇錯呀,係融合而唔係單純既拼湊。STEM教育就好似煮餸咁,4種唔同既食材要互相配合先可以成為一碟佳餚,而唔係將所有食材都一鍋煮,咁樣同本身既意義就有好大出入。STEM,其實係4個唔同範疇組合而成。”S”係代表科學(Science),...

Programming: Just for Professionals?

Coding has become a new standard of literacy as a consequence of the technology focused, data-driven nature of the current generation. The famed physicist, Stephen Hawking, once said, “Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue...

Should STEM be More Mainstream?

In an article from HK01, former financial secretary John Tsang was interviewed regarding his views on Hong Kong’s STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) education. He was quoted saying “19th century classroom, 20th century teachers, and 21st century...

Why Take Up STEM?

Have you ever thought no matter how good your children are in the current generation, they will not be able to compete in the future society? Global stocks of robots have more than doubled since 2010, with 20% of the global stocks being located in China. With the...


Interested in learning Java? Why not take our Coding Minecraft course and start your journey into Java coding! But you may wondering, what Java is? Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It has since grown to be...

Twin Science Coding Introductory Course

Twin Coding Introductory: In our introductory online course, students will utilise the twin Coding Kit to learn the fundamentals of coding and discover the applications of coding to solve everyday problems. Through our online course, our dedicated instructor will...

MineCraft Code Kingdoms STEM Ex Online Learning Courses Code Minecraft 1 – (Online) Code Minecraft 1: Students will get into Sheep City in Minecraft and change characteristics, e.g. arrow explosive power, in the world through programming. Students will be introduced to basic components in...

Online STEM Learning Courses

      Online STEM Learning Available ( STEM 網上學習現已提供 ) As the new #coronavirus continues to spread and Chinese New Year holiday lengthens, the new school term will start only the overall situation can be controlled. When kids stay at home, why not bring...


Unit 501, 5/F Austin Tower, 152 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Phone: +852 3462 2018 
WhatsApp: +852 5631 8262

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Cheetij (BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology) graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2020. With great passion for STEM education, he joined STEMex Ltd. and became an instructor in 2020. He is not only an experienced and intellectual tutor but also enjoys teaching kids about STEM knowledge with patience and care.

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Cheetij Gurung

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Location: Unit 501, 5/F Austin Tower, 152 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Telephone: +852 3462 2018

WhatsApp: +852 5631 8262


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